Benefits of Cashew Nuts

The delicate flavor of cashew nuts makes it a popular snack and a culinary delight. But the value of cashews exceeds far beyond its great taste. Cashews are nutritiously dense with a variety of essential fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals which can bring you a number of health benefits. Including cashews as a part of your healthy diet can enhance your body's function and performance and reduce your risks for debilitating diseases.

Great for the skin

Cashews are excellent for the skin because they are rich in zinc, phosphorus, iron, and magnesium. In fact, they even make topical skin care products that contain cashew oil.

Shinier for hair

In addition to benefiting your skin, cashews can also promote silky smooth, healthy hair. This is largely because of the copper that's found in the oil of cashews. This helps produce more melanin, which is essential for creating hair pigment. Topically, cashew oil itself can even improve the health of your scalp and promote shinier, smoother-looking hair as well.

Prevents cancer

Proanthocyanidins are a class of flavonols which fight against tumor cells by stopping them to divide further. These proanthocyanidins and high copper content in cashew nuts help fight against cancerous cells and keeps you away from colon cancer.

Lowers high blood pressure

Cashew nuts lower your blood pressure with the help of magnesium present in them.

Healthy bones

Cashews are particularly rich in magnesium. It`s a well-known fact that calcium is necessary for strong bones, but so is magnesium. Most of the magnesium in the human body is in our bones. Some of it helps lend bones their physical structure, and the remainder is located on the surface of the bone where it is stored for the body to use as it needs. Copper found in cashews is vital for the function of enzymes involved in combining collagen and elastin, providing substance and flexibility in bones and joints.

Healthy nerves

Magnesium is stored on the bones surface which prevents calcium from entering the nerve cells and thus keeps the blood vessels and muscles relaxed. Insufficient amount of magnesium can lead calcium to enter the blood vessels leading them to contract. It also leads to high blood pressure, migraine headache etc.

Pleasant sleep

After menopause, these cashew nuts can give you relaxed and pleasant sleep during nights.

Health gums and teeth

As mentioned before, the magnesium content present in cashew nuts is very good for bones. So it gives healthy teeth as well as strong gums to hold them.

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